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Mahmood O 🇧🇭

23 gennaio 2020

The items were well packed but there was a small dent into the box, however everything was okay inside so still 10/10


26 gennaio 2020

Great & Speedy Services

Moath Z 🇸🇦

28 gennaio 2020

i received in 4 days

Mohsen A 🇸🇦

29 gennaio 2020

Many thanks FedEx for your commitment and credibility in delivering an outstanding service

amjad M 🇸🇦

31 gennaio 2020

Love you keep it up

mohamed M 🇸🇦

01 febbraio 2020

good and fast but a little bit expensive

malek M 🇩🇿

02 febbraio 2020

Services and team The coolest and best And more worthy And trust I advise everyone to deal with them

Adel A 🇸🇦

03 febbraio 2020

Amazing team supportfull and comparative price

Ahmed H 🇮🇱

03 febbraio 2020

Thank you for your service. The items are well organized and saved carefully.

Russell W 🇦🇺

03 febbraio 2020

Nothing more to say than "This is the BEST EVER service!"

Ahmed N 🇶🇦

04 febbraio 2020

Perfect services and packing, recommended.

Saleh A 🇸🇦

06 febbraio 2020

Overall great service. But, I had a problem with the packaging. The liquid cleaner was leaking inside the package.

Jafar H 🇰🇼

07 febbraio 2020

Nicely packed and well delivered

amjad M 🇸🇦

07 febbraio 2020

I love to use this service :)

johar A 🇶🇦

07 febbraio 2020

best service in my book

muteb A 🇸🇦

08 febbraio 2020

I really like how well the packing is prepared. You are the best

Adel A 🇸🇦

11 febbraio 2020

Great service and support


11 febbraio 2020

The package come in time and well packaged.. thanks

Myat W 🇯🇵

14 febbraio 2020

Shipping, service and the duration of delivery were all exceptionally good. It exceeded all my expectation as a first time user. So glad I decided to use this, it's going to make my online shopping so much easier now.

hassan A 🇴🇲

14 febbraio 2020

Very goood as always

Hasan B 🇸🇦

17 febbraio 2020

Fast response and good quality of boxing and care of items

Abdulmalik A 🇸🇦

17 febbraio 2020

Thank you, keep it up.

Omar Q 🇸🇦

19 febbraio 2020

DHL is just fast but more expensive.

Jacob A 🇬🇧

20 febbraio 2020

Repackaged quickly and sent out the next morning great service!

Artem A 🇷🇺

21 febbraio 2020

Amazing result one more time from this guys. Much faster than Flash:)