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Mohammad H 🇰🇼

08 ივლისი 2020

The box was packed in a very neat matter and everything inside it was perfect and maintained like new

Tahani A 🇸🇦

07 ივლისი 2020

its my first time with fishisfast but the last , i have tried many shipping companies during corona virus time , they took a very very long time . fishis fast one week and i had my order in my country. Thank u

Salman A 🇰🇼

07 ივლისი 2020

I thank you for your dealings, thank you for the prompt delivery, and distinguished you in the transaction

Zahraa A 🇰🇼

07 ივლისი 2020

I am so satisfied with your service I receive the package from US within 1 week to Kuwait 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Mohammed E 🇸🇦

06 ივლისი 2020


Saleh H 🇸🇦

05 ივლისი 2020

good and safe i received the box in well case

Amjad A 🇸🇦

04 ივლისი 2020

Package was well organized :) and you will never find this quality anywhere it is only in Fishisfast

Mahdi M 🇸🇦

02 ივლისი 2020

Thanks fishisfast for great services


30 ივნისი 2020

Fishisfast have saved me a fortune by gathering all the items & have sent them in one big box rather than sending each item individually as major courier companies do A service that very unique, easy to use, simple and great, with no issues encountered. Will definitely use their services again.

Wael A 🇰🇼

30 ივნისი 2020

Thank You .. fast and complete package ♥️😍

Ali A 🇰🇼

29 ივნისი 2020

Very quick handling and excellent packaging

Elyas D 🇸🇦

28 ივნისი 2020

The packaging was very neat and well organized. Regardless of delays due to current situation they are still the best.

mohammad S 🇸🇦

27 ივნისი 2020

this was my first order, and it won't be the last I was not expecting the great handling and shipping times, plus the repacking service is a lifesaver thanks fishisfast for being a great shipping company

Shamma A 🇦🇪

26 ივნისი 2020

Thank you very much for your service , I’m so happy to be a member and customer at ur application.

Ibrahim A 🇸🇦

25 ივნისი 2020

Trust my every penny goes to Fishisfast is worth it

Ahmad J 🇰🇼

24 ივნისი 2020

They made 5$ discount for that late packing fishisfast should support us if there is a delay from DHL or Fedex, For me, they kept the item for over a week in US for identification, while fishisfast didn't help any way , great team, I will ship through you again :)


23 ივნისი 2020

Thank you for your great services despite the covid 19 pandemic. This is the first time I shipped here, and definitely will try you again in future 😊

Abdulaziz J 🇸🇦

23 ივნისი 2020

Dont deal with FedEx its so slow, my shipment pass 20 location to arrive also they didnt stick with the delivery schedule.

nouf A 🇸🇦

23 ივნისი 2020

thank you for your fast response ..

Ben B 🇬🇧

22 ივნისი 2020

Amazing service and customer support!!!

Redouane A 🇩🇿

21 ივნისი 2020

Amazing service and super fast shipping I had no problems and i am really satisfied with the packaging The package arrived in a week during these circumstances which is find really good Thank you Fishisfast and i am happy to use your service again !

Abdulkarim A 🇶🇦

17 ივნისი 2020

Super fast best support

Luay M 🇸🇦

17 ივნისი 2020

You are the best 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Shaza A 🇸🇦

16 ივნისი 2020

nice packaging and fast delivery

Elyas D 🇸🇦

16 ივნისი 2020

I was a little disappointed about the delays since I never had an issue like that before. It took about a week to ship my packages which usually take way less than that. I received the shipment as good as in the picture with no damages and in a great packaging.