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At Fishisfast, our goal is to make getting items from the US to you as easy as possible.

Shopping online has become the easiest and least expensive way to shop in the US. That’s why in 2012, we launched Fishisfast parcel forwarding to extend that experience to everyone, no matter what country you’re in. We receive your items for you, let you inspect them yourself and make it easy to have them delivered to you.

Our whole team at Fishisfast is dedicated to constantly improving your experience whether it’s through enhancing our web app, shipping and receiving your items or making sure they’re delivered safely and quickly. We love helping people with every step of the process.

Whether you’ve used a forwarder before or are new to the concept, give us a try. If you’ve already got a Fishisfast account, thanks for choosing us. If not, and you’re looking for a better way to get items from the US, we’d love to be your US address.

The Team

Our team is located all around the world. Our lead staff is in Texas, our warehouse is in Delaware, our programmers and support staff are all around the world, including the USA, Brazil, Egypt, Ukraine, Korea, Jordan, Russia, and Romania.

Andrew Gillies
Project Coordinator
Ernest Fata
CEO, Founder
Lucas Fais
Lead Developer
Marc van Eyken
Lead Developer
Pascal Pixel
Illustration, Design & Front-End
Sean Chapman
Warehouse Manager
Tarek Jan
MENA Business Development
Company History
July 2007

Fishisfast is born. At the time, it was a one-person eBay store in Ernest’s living room in Lansing, Michigan. He did everything down to the packing and shipping. Almost immediately, he saw lots of demand from international customers and began to focus the business there.

July 6, 2007

First eBay item sold; (RCA 512mb MP3 Player + eMusic subscription, $14.99)

July 27, 2007

First international item shipped

March 2008

Upgraded from living room to garage!

December 2008

Fishisfast moves from a living room to a garage, then to a warehouse full of products. By this time, Fishisfast focused all energy on international sales, and noticed that even many of the US orders were going to forwarding companies.

October 2009

Fishisfast hires its first employee!

June 2011

After a couple of long winters in Michigan, Fishisfast moves to Houston, Texas

November 2011

Fishisfast thought we might be able to use our experience with international shipping, while providing a different and better customer experience. So we got to work by starting development of a web app that would allow our customers to see all of their items in their shipments.

July 2012

Fishisfast gets its first test users, shipping parcels from our warehouse in Texas.

August 2012

Fishisfast opens its current warehouse in Delaware, US to provide customers with a further discount - no sales tax!

June 2014

Web app beta testing is complete. Let’s go!

Year 2015

We introduced our service in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region & South Korea, doubled the size of our warehouse, added a new receiving process to speed up our service, and began an expansion to Brazil.

Years 2016-2017

Fishisfast further upgrades its warehouse procedures to process all incoming and outgoing shipments faster than other mail-forwarding companies (all under one business day, even during the holiday sales season). More shipping options are offered to customers around the world at the most competitive prices.