Shipping Cost Calculator

We offer a variety of carriers to deliver your purchases. Select your country, method and weight and find out which method is right for you! Remember, the more you add to a box, the less expensive each kg is!

All our standard services are included with the cost of postage. We ship worldwide! Check out our calculator below to see shipping prices. Important information: prohibited items (we will not ship these items overseas)

You don't need to pay for this:
  • Photos. We take photos of every incoming box and address label on it
  • Consolidation. We will pack all the items you want to send into the most economical box
  • Shoe box removal.. We will remove shoe boxes if you request it
  • Invoices removal.. We will remove invoices if you request it
  • Additional photos.. You can request up to 15 additional photos of your items per month
  • $100 insurance. on your outgoing shipment (covers damage or loss)
  • Storage. We store your incoming orders for up to 180 days
Optional services:
  • Item photos $2 or $5 - if you'd like, you can request that we unpack and photograph all items of every package that we receive ($2/box). If you only want to unpack certain parcels and continue receiving the rest without unpacking, we charge $5 for unpacking a single parcel.
  • Bubble wrap $1 or $5 - we can bubble wrap an item ($1) or the whole order ($5) for additional protection.
  • FastBuy $5 + 7% (per order) - we can purchase something for you using our American card.
  • Plastic bag $3 - we’ll put all your items in a plastic bag to help protect against weather.
  • Returns $3 or shipping cost. If seller provides you a prepaid return label you only pay $3. If you need to pay for shipping, you only pay shipping cost.
  • Power on testing $5 - we’ll give you a video showing that the item turns on so you can make sure it works before you ship it.
  • Stretch wrap $5 - we’ll wrap your entire parcel in stretch wrap.
  • Mediation service $5 - we’ll contact the store on your behalf until the issue is resolved.
  • Extra insurance $3/per every $100 - in case if you want to insure your shipments for over $100.