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Free locker

Free Address and Locker in the USA

You will get a virtual US address when you sign up, and a locker in our warehouse, for free.

You can use your locker whenever you want.

We are always ready to accept and ship your items.

Free Combined shipping

Consolidate your items into a single shipment to save big on shipping costs.

We will combine your items into the most economical shipping box.

Free Storage for 6 months

We provide free storage for any item up to 6 months.

No US Sales Tax

Our warehouse is located in Delaware, which is a sales tax-free US state.

You can save up to 7.5% on any item, depending on where the seller is.

No Hidden Fees

No strange rules or extra fees, all our standard services are included with the cost of shipping.

You only pay for what you want.

Photo Options

Box small
Box medium
Box large

Free Package Photos

Manage your items in our web app.

We take photos of every incoming box and address label on it.

Item small
Item medium
Item large

$2 Always Content Photos

We will automatically unpack every incoming shipment and take photos of each individual item.

$5 One-time Content Photos

We will unpack a shipment and take photos of each individual item.

Shipping Cost Calculator

We offer a variety of carriers to deliver your purchases.
Select your country, method and weight and find out which method is right for you!
Remember, the more you add to a box, the less expensive each kg is!

Shipping Cost Calculator

Extra Services

Free Invoice Removal

We will remove store invoices at your request.

Free $100 insurance

On every outgoing order, covering damage or loss, excluding non-insurable items.

$3 per $100 Extra Insurance

In case you need additional insurance for orders with total declared value over $100.

$7 FastLane Express Processing

While our average packing time is 4 hours, things can get busy during holiday season.

With FastLane your items get priority packing and shipping in our warehouse.

Free Extra Packaging and Shoebox Removal

Many products come in large, unnecessary packaging.

We can remove it for free, so you save further on shipping costs.

We will only remove packaging when it does not pose any risk to the product safety; for example, shoes.

We will not remove packaging from electronics or fragile items, as it may pose additional risk of damage to the item during shipping.

Shopping Issues

$3 Merchandise Return

If the seller provides you with a prepaid return label, you only pay the $3 return processing fee.

If the seller does not provide a prepaid label, you will only need to pay the shipping cost.

$5 Power-on Testing

For electronic items, we can make sure your item powers on before we ship it to you overseas.

This can save a lot of trouble by catching problems before shipping the item.

We will open, plug in and power the item to test basic functionality.

We cannot perform detailed diagnostic tests.

We will upload a video of the power-on test.

$5 Mediation Service

We will contact the store on your behalf until the issue is resolved.

Extra Protection

$5 Double Walled Boxes

We will pack your items into a double walled box with thicker reinforced walls.

$1 Keep Original Box

Keep the original shipping box from the store. It will be packed inside our shipping box.

$1 Bubble Wrap One Item

We can bubble an item for additional protection.

When you ship electronics or fragile items it is advisable to add Bubble Wrap for protection.

$5 Bubble Wrap All Items

We can bubble wrap all items inside one incoming shipment for additional protection.

When you ship electronics or fragile items it is advisable to add Bubble Wrap for protection.

$3 Plastic Bag Inside Box

We will put your items in a plastic bag to help protect against weather.

$5 Plastic Wrap Outside Box

We will wrap your entire parcel in stretch wrap for extra protection.

Compare our prices

How we keep our fees low

We maintain low pricing by getting discounts on bulk shipping. The more our customers ship, the cheaper our service becomes. Our primary goal is to get as many happy customers as possible.

We try very hard to do this, so we offer all our basic services for free, without memberships, and we have simple and clear pricing for extra services.

About this table

To demonstrate our value, we've taken the opportunity to dig deep into the Terms of two of our competitors, Shipito and MyUS, to find all the costs and fees related to using their plans, as well as our own, in a simple and plain table.

This data was gathered in July 2017 by our staff, if any of the details are incorrect, please contact our support.
MY VIP BOX MyUS Single MyUS Premium Shipito Single Shipito Mailbox
Membership Free Free $7 per month Free $10 per month
Incoming package Free $3 <20 items Free <20 items $2 $2
Box Photos Free $7 $7 Free Free
Item Photos $2 or $5 $10 $10 $2 or $5 $2 or $5
Consolidation Free Free $3
Sales tax free
Multiple shipments
Free Storage 180 days 5 days 90 days 90 days 90 days
Extra insurance $100 free + $3 per $100 $2 per $100 $2 per $100 Available Available
Bank fee 4.30% 4.30%
Small items fee $1 per item $1 per item
Returns to seller $3 or shipping $7 + shipping $7 + shipping $5 + shipping $5 + shipping
Shopping service $5 + 7% 10% 10% $8.50 + 4.3% + 8% $8.50 + 4.3% + 8%
Carriers 8 4 4 8 8
Dangerous item fee Not shipped 7% (min $11.50) 7% (min $11.50) Not shipped Not shipped
Invoices removal Free
Shoe box removal Free
Power-on testing $5
Bubble wrap $1 or $5
Plastic bag wrap $3
Stretch wrap $5
Mail processing