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Mohamed A 🇶🇦

January 04, 2018

Thanks Fishisfast for your professional and Fast Service.This is the first time to use this Site And sure won't be the last. 1000000000 Thanks

abdullah A 🇸🇦

January 02, 2018

you really did a good job, but there's a receipt from Disney shop that I don't know. can you inform me why is there a receipt?

Eyhab A 🇸🇦

January 01, 2018

thanks alot every thing was good

Shantonu K 🇵🇱

December 30, 2017

Got package consolidated and bubble wrapped. Very happy with the service

Shorouq A 🇸🇦

December 29, 2017

Great service as usual. fast shipping. Highly recommend

Mohammed A 🇸🇦

December 29, 2017


Ayman B 🇸🇦

December 26, 2017

this is my second package, and it was awesome :)

Abdulrahman A 🇸🇦

December 23, 2017

strong packing and safe

Mona A 🇦🇪

December 23, 2017

Thanks a lot really I got my box so fast and in a more than perfect condition and everything inside is perfectly wrapped and packed like always thanks a lot happy to always dea with fishisfast

khalid A 🇸🇦

December 21, 2017

My stuff arrived like I took it from the shelf

muneer A 🇶🇦

December 20, 2017

Very Good packing as usual, Keep the good work tea, Fishisfast , thumb up

Hyun K 🇰🇷

December 19, 2017

Great turnaround on an item that you can't get in South Korea! Ordered it online from the AMZN website on Saturday and received it one week later! Fedex International Economy is the way to go on overseas shipping as they are the most affordable to choose from.

Essam A 🇸🇦

December 18, 2017

سرعة في التغليف والشحن .. وخدمة العملاء رائعة جدا

Mohammed A 🇸🇦

August 16, 2018

its been 8 days since they ship my shipment and no update .. its take me more than 30 days to get my shipment

Ayman B 🇸🇦

December 18, 2017

I wish you great success, be up the good work

Mashael A 🇸🇦

December 18, 2017

Best shipping company ever

Abdulmohsin M 🇴🇲

December 17, 2017

All box Packed With Safety

Lamiaa A 🇸🇦

December 15, 2017

i received the product in good shape and the box was solid , the shipment was fast and delivered at time , thank you

Abdulaziz A 🇸🇦

December 14, 2017

This was the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced (packaging was in less than 20 min and 48h i have my shipment)


December 14, 2017

Received on time and all packed in 1 Box :) Better than Shop&Ship

Salman A 🇸🇦

December 13, 2017

بما ان هذي اول مره اتعامل معكم تم توصيلها بزمن قياسي ابقوا علئ هذا الحماس ولا تتكاسلوا بالمستقبل مثل غيركم شكرا لكم

Nour E 🇸🇦

December 13, 2017

The delivery was perfect as always. VERY quick and reach me way ahead of schedule. The packing was excellent and done ahead of schedule as well. I am extremely satisfied.

Hashem A 🇸🇦

December 12, 2017

thank you for the professional service and time management.

Faris A 🇸🇦

December 10, 2017

Good, I just wish if DHL will return with reasonable prices

Hatoon A 🇸🇦

December 10, 2017

It’s amazing,, i love the way you are sheeped