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January 16, 2022

thank you very much for your effort

Saif A 🇴🇲

January 12, 2022

I received in a good conditions Thanks

Keene T 🇧🇼

January 10, 2022

Loved my items. Everything was packaged according to my instructions. My stuff was secured and the packaging was very professional. I tried fastbuy for the first time and I loved it…. I will be using IT again for sure-Thanks fishisfast once again you have out done your selves…

Hugh A 🇦🇺

January 08, 2022

Fast Delivery. Lots of padding.

Dmitry M 🇳🇿

January 08, 2022

Greetings from New Zealand! I really enjoyed your service, fast and accurate!

Sherif M 🇰🇼

January 08, 2022

Fish is Fast perfect & professional as usual, thanks a lot :-)

Hassan A 🇸🇦

January 07, 2022

Everything seems good the service, the packaging, speed, communication. I would say the only thing is the price was high comparing with other forwarding companies

Raied A 🇸🇦

January 06, 2022

I always trust Fishisfast on my packages.

Saif A 🇴🇲

January 05, 2022

The parcel arrived in very good condition

Mubarak A 🇰🇼

January 05, 2022

good website and always helpful

Ali A 🇰🇼

January 01, 2022

Quick and professional

James B 🇬🇧

December 29, 2021

Another amazing fast service from the ladies and gents at Fish is Fast!! Unbelievable service and a happy delivery within 14 days vis USPS.. over Christmas?!?! AMAZING

Ahmed H 🇰🇼

December 27, 2021

For the second time dealing with fishisfast and I’m really satisfied thanks and keep it up for more orders in the future


December 27, 2021

Thank you for your support

Larry T 🇧🇼

December 27, 2021

Happy with the service

Azzam N 🇸🇦

December 26, 2021

got my package the next working day

Moath A 🇰🇼

December 24, 2021

Super pro and fast as a fish ;)

Ayoub H 🇩🇿

December 24, 2021

Package arrived well..thank you

Jawharah A 🇸🇦

December 21, 2021

I got everything in a great condition, thank you very much!

Shinichiro K 🇯🇵

December 20, 2021

Great packaging. It's an essential part of my business. Thank you very much.

Eyad A 🇸🇦

December 20, 2021

Amazing and professional team! Thank you so much.

Khalid A 🇸🇦

December 17, 2021

Thank you for your amazing services

Craig C 🇬🇧

December 15, 2021

Amazing again very well package so everything safe and sound 5 stars

Salman A 🇰🇼

December 15, 2021

.Thank you for packing and arranging again and again you surprised me with your amazing performance

Mohamed lamine A 🇩🇿

December 13, 2021

i can't thank FISHISFAST enough for their professionalism and speed of execution, their packaging exceed my expectation, best customer service ever , my only wish is to see a low price to ALGERIA as it's still abit high but overall BEST COMPANY EVER !