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Julien M 🇨🇦


Appreciate the fast and skillfull consolidation of multiple packages including delicate items. Thank you!

Mohammed A 🇸🇦


Excellent packaging & Fast shipping. Thank you very much, Fishisfast, for the Excellent service.

omar B 🇸🇦


Excellent support and packaging well with fast shipping, thanks

Abdulaziz A 🇰🇼


Thank you for everything

Mahmoud A 🇰🇼


Best shipping curior and have recommending to many of my friends Keep going, keep on the top

Shahd A 🇴🇲


The shipping was fast and the service was amazing,, however the shipping is a bit pricey

Yousef A 🇰🇼


The service was really fast and accurate.

Moncef L 🇩🇿


best forwarder for me

Konstantin P 🇷🇺


Everything arrived in great condition, great service as always, thank you!

Yi L 🇦🇺


Quick Response is also instance even after hours. Shipping, packaging and return are super fast. First time use the service, I simply love it.

Ali A 🇸🇦


Everything was excellent. But, if you could review the shipping prices it would be great.

Mark F 🇬🇧


This was my first time using Fishisfast to send me an item from America to the UK. I can't believe just how efficient the service was, I was kept fully informed from the moment my package arrived with clear photo's and measurements. They managed to repack and ship out my items in less than 24 hrs.

Asad A 🇴🇲


Excellent service, neat packaging. It didn't take long to package my order (a couple of hours), the next day it shipped out a little more than a week later I got it. My only problem was the price, I paid on here, and then paid to FedEx again on delivery.

Daniel H 🇩🇪


Very fast Shipping and Perfect fast Service

Andre B 🇸🇦


all good. I have not yet had a chance to compare prices with similar service providers

Anwaar A 🇰🇼


Packing perfect shipping fast … u should reconsider the high shipping prices .. seek another company to ship perfumes other than aramex

khaled A 🇰🇼


The items When I Received it is In Perfect Sealed box & good Handling. I'm Strongly Recommending With them.

Haneen A 🇸🇦


Thanks for your professional work

Amr M 🇸🇦


Packaging was well organized, processing time was good. I have been using FSF for many years, they are a dependable service that i have come to rely on.

David C 🇳🇿


My firsts transaction and was smooth and fast, I have used other holding co in past and yours is so afar the best. Cheers and will continue to do buseness.

Ian Loyd C 🇧🇭


Fast and well done in packaging . Very reliable

Ali A 🇰🇼


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Hussien L 🇸🇦


Their services are professional and their rates are pretty good. I use them for all of my deliveries.

Tahlia B 🇬🇧


The service was fantastic, it was packed super fast and came in 2 days.

Jan T 🇸🇦


American Expat living in Saudi. A friend turned me on to Fishisfast and I recently tried the service out for the first time. To my delight, I was able to order items from the US and actually get them delivered to my door within a 2 week period. Very pleased!