You spend a long time looking for the lowest prices online, comparing across sites, eventually making your purchase only to see that the site you purchased from has lowered the price only a few days later. If this sounds like a familiar situation, Paribus might be for you.

Even though many e-commerce sites will refund you the difference if their prices drop, it's a lot of work to keep up with sales, and apply for the refund. Paribus is a service that automatically keeps track of prices and applies to save your money when possible. They only take a 25% fee from any money they save you, so there is no cost to just trying them out.

If you are interested in using Paribus, here's how you can get started:

  1. Go to and select your email provider. They offer easy integration for Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, and others. (Some people are understandably uncomfortable giving Paribus access to their inbox but it's the only way they can scan your purchases to find you deals. Some people maintain a separate email account for this purchase.)
  2. Add a credit card that Paribus will use to charge for their fee. The retailer will pay you back directly, usually within a week of confirmation of the price adjustment.
  3. Once you have authorized Paribus, it will begin scanning your email for purchases from a number of merchants they support.